Fitness Equipment Information

Fitness Equipment Information

Speed of Movement & the Mighty Metronome.

Tempo refers to the speed of movement and is usually represented by a 4-digit number: eccentric (negative) contraction - isometric (pause between negative and positive) contraction - concentric (positive) contraction - isometric (pause between positive and negative) contraction. For example, a tempo of 3-1-2-0 means to lower the weight for a count of 3, pause for a count of 1, raise the weight for a count of 2, and do not pause before starting the next repetition.

Russian Kettlebell Workout

Russian Kettlebells are amazing! These kettlebell workouts may be the answer to maintaining a home gym or having an expensive club membership.With Russian kettlebells you can develop superior gains over traditional workout methods and save lots of space in your home.

Top Treadmills Reviewed - A Comparison of Price And Performance

A treadmill can be an excellent exercise machine, providing a convenient and relatively inexpensive way to stay fit. But with over a dozen different manufacturers out there, each with a collection of different styles of equipment, it can be difficult to know which treadmill is best for you.

How Treadmills Compare To Other Types Of Home Fitness Equipment

When it comes to exercise, people like to walk or run. These are natural activities for us.

Treadmill Reviews - Top 3 Things to Keep in Mind When Reading Treadmill Reviews

So you're excited about buying a treadmill. You're looking forward to having a premium piece of fat-burning equipment available to you 24-7 at your convenience.

Treadmill Exercise - 3 More Benefits of Treadmill Workouts

Chances are that you already know your treadmill can help you lose weight, stay fit, and protect you from the ravages of age related diseases like diabetes and heart disease.But here are 3 MORE benefits of treadmill exercise you might NOT know!#1 Walking on A Treadmill Helps Alleviate DepressionA recent study at Duke University found that even as little as eight minutes on a treadmill can help to dramatically, although temporarily, reduce symptoms of depression.

Deciding on a Fitness Center: Tips for Choosing

Joining one of the many fitness centers in your area can have a lot of benefits, but can also be a big expense. Since most centers ask you to sign contracts that can be difficult to cancel, make sure that joining a fitness center is for you and that you are happy with the one you choose, before signing on the dotted line.

Create Your Own Fitness Center with Home Exercise Equipment!

If joining a fitness center is not for you, and you're not the outdoors-y type, home exercise equipment is a smart choice for staying fit. Before you buy, you should do your homework in order to prevent your new exercise machine from becoming an over-sized clothes hanger.

Treadmill Training!

According to the Sports Goods Manufacturers Association, treadmills are the #1 home-fitness item, outdistancing stair-climbers, stationery bicycles, rowing machines and cross-country skiers. In fact, some surveys indicate that nearly 40 million Americans run on treadmills.

Your Health is Important Get Fit For Life

Choosing fitness equipment for your personal use can be a rather daunting task. You can't turn on the TV without seeing ads that promise or imply that if you buy their exercise product and use it for 10-20 minutes a day you will have a slimmer trimmer body.

How to Buy A Treadmill - Key Points

Finding the best treadmill to buy shouldn't be a difficultthing to do. Treadmills have long been touted as a majorplayer in the health and fitness field and for good reason.

Buying A Treadmill - 3 Essential Tips

If you're buying a treadmill, chances are you've done lots of research already. You probably know exactly what makes up a high quality treadmill and have an idea of which features you want in your unit.

Elliptical Exercise Machines Provide Low Impact, Total Body Workouts While Improving Cardiovascular

Elliptical Exercise Machines Provide Low Impact, Total Body Workouts While Improving Cardiovascular Health Ever since their introduction on the fitness scene several years ago, elliptical exercise machines have become increasing more popular and sophisticated. Estimates indicate that over six million people now prefer elliptical machines as their choice for home exercise equipment.

The Technology Behind Elliptical Cross Trainers Creates Unique Advantages and Benefits

The Technology Behind Elliptical Cross Trainers Creates Unique Advantages and Benefits The word elliptical means shaped like an oval. In the world of fitness and exercise, elliptical technology is a relatively new, innovative equipment design that draws on a smooth, elliptical movement to provide a low impact form of weight bearing exercise that is fun and easy to learn.

Developing a Fitness Attitude - A Healthy Weight Loss Program Approach

Exercise is Not a Four Letter WordIt's obvious that the word 'exercise' has more than four letters, but many of us will agree it sounds like a four-letter word.Indeed, many people feel so negatively about exercise, experts often advise using the term 'physical activity' instead.

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Proper care and maintenance of your barbells can keep them performing well for a life time. In part 2 of Olympic Bar maintenance, we'll delve into more thorough cleaning of your Olympic barbell sleeves.

Getting physically fit can be hard and tough, especially for individuals who are not physically active. However, thanks to the profusion of health gadgets in the market today, many individuals find themselves motivated to improve their well-being. One of these gadgets is the so-called "fitness activity trackers".

So you've got a nice new barbell or even an older, well used barbell and you'd like to have it last for a long, long time, but you just don't know where to start? We've got some helpful pointers for you here. With proper care and maintenance your barbells can last you a lifetime. Bars in both commercial gyms and at home gyms need to be properly maintained to extend their lives.

History is the mouthpiece of how our civilization has evolved, developed and prospered around water. Ages back people have used water as a healing agent to cure several injuries. In accordance with the same trend, using a beachcomber (hot tub) for resolving health issues has been a recently surfaced fad.

Ever since its introduction, radiology has provided the much valued diagnostic support to the medical practitioners and surgeons. The radio-diagnosis and imaging sector uses advanced technology for advanced imaging and allows for accurate diagnosis of critical medical conditions.

Health and fitness websites and mobile apps offer features like calorie counting apps, fitness tracking, exercise videos, recipe nutrition calculations, and diet tips. Technology is continuously growing and evolving. A symbol of progress, it offers many benefits and influences almost all aspects of our lives. On the other hand, an increased dependence on technology may have a negative impact on personal interactions and physical activity.

Fitness is important, but it is more important to track your fitness, especially when you are working with set goals. Tracking makes it possible for you to know whether you are making the right progress or whether you need to make improvements to your workouts to make it easier to reach to the fitness goals that you have set. Fitness bands are amazing trackers that can come in handy for anyone. However, the Garmin Vivofit band can be considered to be the best fitness tracker of all. The band is simply designed for that perfect and comfortable fit in that it can be worn all day and still remain comfortable for the wrist. The band is water resistant to withstand sweat and it can be worn even for the toughest workouts possible.

The benefits of regular exercises are overwhelming and the continued sensitization and education of the benefits of regular exercises can only help get the society rid of the health threats associated with being obese. With statistics having it that about three of every four Americans are overweight, the need for individuals to get regular exercises is increasing. Get one's home gym equipments is a great step in the right direction towards losing some weight and staying fit. Getting home gym equipments however goes beyond just driving into a sports shop and getting some gym equipments. You really need to have an idea of what you are shopping in order not to waste those hard earned bucks of yours.

The crutches help to assist these patients in moving around while keeping the fractured bone immobile. Many patients consider walking on crutches a hassle because they do not have a free hand to hold other items.

Is the Nordictrack Elliptical ACT trainer still a good buy for 2014? Find out if this popular center drive crosstrainer is the right choice for your home workouts!

It is necessary to educate women and provide them with health and fitness tips and tools. This helps not just individual families but also improves the health and economy of entire communities.

Purchasing any exercise machine is a costly investment, and treadmills are no different. Since some of the best machines can set you back several hundred dollars it's important to consider all the aspects and make an informed choice. Read on for the complete treadmill buying guide and to learn about the most important features to consider when making a purchase decision. Your Budget The first and probably the most important consideration is to decide how much you want to spend. Treadmill models range in price from as little as $299 to over $2000. But, it's also important to realize that when it comes to exercise machines for the home you do get what you pay for. The cheaper models will not offer as many features or the quality of craftsmanship as the more expensive models. But, you have to stick to a budget, and so determine what that is and then only look for models that fall within that range, otherwise you will tease yourself with those that are out of reach.

EMS are harmless in themselves. If the right machine is used under the right guidance, it can provide a lot of benefit.

A common question which many fitness enthusiasts face is whether to invest in getting a home gym or to renew the gym membership. Well to be honest there is no clear right or wrong answer, however I can sure help you out by outlining the pros and cons of each giving letting you make a conclusion for yourself. So sit back, relax and take a look at my article: "Home Gym Vs. Going to the Gym: What's Best?"

A treadmill is a bang-up running machine that can even be used for exercising when the weather outside isn't favorable. And most of all, operating treadmills is just so simple; you punch a few buttons and then it's all systems go. Using a treadmill, however, isn't as simple as it seems.

Looking for the best treadmills to lose weight? Find out what's new in the home treadmill market that can help you lose weight and burn calories fast!

An Autoclave is a unit used to sterilize the equipments or instruments in various industries such as hospitals, labs, research centers etc. Sterilizing is actually useful for cleaning the instruments for the re-use as it kills bacteria and other microorganisms.

Scientific instruments are the part and parcel for many industries as they are used constantly for uncountable purposes. Scientists make use of these various types of machines, instruments and equipments for their research and experiments.

Okay so you have decided to go for the home gym option instead of that expensive gym membership. However you only have limited space for one meaning you need a small functional home gym capable of doing everything you need. So sit back and take notes on "The Best Home Gym For A Tight Space".

With a growing awareness to remain healthy in this country, it should be of no surprise that many people will try to do their best to maintain a fit body. We all know that one of the best ways to stay fit is to exercise, while exercise is vital, exercising without proper guidance will certainly have less effect. While everyone doesn't have a personal trainer at their disposal, there is something that can help get you on track and that is a heart rate monitor.

The 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill feels and operates like a health-club model, but is available for about half the price. You could look long and hard to get a better price on a treadmill that performs and looks this good and probably never find one.

Polar has been making top notch heart rate monitors for years. Polar is one of the leaders in the industry and always seem to satisfy the needs of those seeking to incorporate a monitor in their workout routine. Polar provides a variety of monitors that will provide the weekend warrior or even the professional athlete a way to get the most out of their workouts.

Medical reports have shown that if you track your activities with a fitness tracker it will very likely increase your physical activity by more than 25%. There are 5 good reasons why you will get fitter by just using a fitness tracker!

If you take your workout seriously, you should consider getting a heart rate monitor. There are many ways that a heart rate monitor can improve your workouts, and help to boost your fitness levels. Read on to find out how.

If you wish to start using an exercise bike, but don't like the idea of sitting upright in the cycling position, it may be a good idea to think of buying a recumbent exercise bike. It simply means that rather than sitting on a bicycle-style seat, in an upright cycling position, you're sitting back into a more reclined, normal seating position on a seat that's not unlike your typical padded office chair.

Ensuring that oxygen levels stay within normal ranges will elevate and enhance workouts. With advances in science and cutting edge technology getting smaller; measuring oxygen saturation levels before, during and after workouts is actually easy and efficient with compact and accurate pulse oximeters.

You will find a large number of health and fitness devices in the market that can help you in calculating your foot movement, heartbeat, elevation as well as the temperature of your body. These new types of devices offer key insights into your health and fitness. To find out whether these fitness trackers are worth your money, you have to check their performance and functionality.

Should you buy a front drive or rear drive elliptical trainer? Learn the main differences between these two different elliptical machine designs to help you decide!

Regular exercising is necessary for overall fitness of any body. A common problem faced by many in their late 20s is they do not find time to hit gyms. A busy schedule should never stymie your fitness goals. Therefore, many having a busy schedule are inclined toward making their own home fitness centres. Building a private fitness centre, however, is easier said than done.

Everyone knows we are in a tough economy and saving money counts more than ever. With this in mind and the average lifespan now estimated at 78.70 years it's understandable that online websites offering medical equipment began popping up.

Thinking about a Treadclimber? Which model is right for you? Here's a quick "down and dirty" guide to the 3 different Bowflex Treadclimber models.

Looking for a Nordictrack folding elliptical trainer? Here are 2 of your best options for 2014 including how they compare and how they work!

The gym. It's that place that we either love or hate, but that can be so good for us. Sometimes we get intimidated by the amount of gym training equipment that we see and that is enough to put anyone off.

What would you get when the heart rate monitor technology is used by the leading sports wrist watch makers on the planet? You get a one of a kind, technologically advanced, and world class Timex heart rate monitor. As a worldwide acclaimed company in the sports watch industry, Timex has actually ventured into making the conventional wrist watch into a perfect monitoring device capable of offering precise heart rate measurement in whatever field of training, workout, and physical fitness activity the user wishes to take it.

The treadmill is infamous for weight loss. Those who consider investing in one are generally those who want to shed a few pounds and trim their waistline. The others concerned with overall fitness choose to walk, jog or lift weights. The humble treadmill offers more benefits than it is known for. Despite its simplistic design, it incorporates walking, running, jogging and hill climbing in one package to give your body a full workout.

Here is a list of 5 tough workouts to get the blood pumping without the use of any equipment what so ever. Whether you are on holiday or somewhere simply without any equipment no worries because these are some of the best exercises to perform.

Are you bored of your workout? Well read these workout tips to inject some enthusiasm and excitement back into your home workout!

Some people love to workout, and some people don't. But it's a necessary evil for some because you will really appreciate the physical and emotional results it brings. Whatever you do to keep motivated and to make sure you put 110% all the time keep it up! However if you are struggling to make the most out of your home workout and feel like you aren't feeling the full effects then next time you are bored with your routine or want to rev things up, give these tips a shot.

The lack of time is the most common excuse for skipping exercise. Between household jobs, work and family time is very limited and finding time for a workout seems extremely hard. It's true you can do nothing about that, however as busy as you are finding sneaky ways to squeeze in a quick workout into your busy schedule is all but going to make a difference.

What is an Activity Tracker? What can an Activity or Fitness Tracker do for you? These are some of the questions covered in this topic about the best features of Activity Trackers. Such examples include: tracking and measuring distance traveled, calorie intake and sleep patterns. Read this article if you are unsure about what Activity or Fitness Trackers can do for you!

Research on toddler gymnastics shows that a strong connection between fitness and academic achievements of the child. Gymnastics from early stage leads to Nerve tissue multiplication, promoting healthy human brain function and also strengthening human brain connections.

How important could your underwear really be? When it comes to proper support during a workout, giving your body the support it need under the gym swag is a critical area. Use these tips to give your body the support it needs underneath it all.

Muay Thai training, along with Mixed Martial Art camps have become the latest sensation among the young generation throughout the world. Apart from working as a fitness camp, they have several other benefits that are hard to miss.

There are great benefits to using kettlebells in your health and fitness routine. Learn why you should start using kettlebells in your workouts!

At one point in time stair steppers where the go to machine in every gym across the nation. However, their popularity quickly faded and you no longer see as many people hammering to use them anymore. That can be partly due to the fact very few people understand the many benefits associated with using a stair stepper.

Digital pedometers are the best exercise device you can use to help you stay healthy and motivate you to walk more. Here are some tips to help you select the one that will best suit your preferences among the pedometers for sale out there.

Thinking about the Nordictrack Audiostrider 1490 Elliptical Trainer? Here's a brief overview of the pros and cons of this popular elliptical - plus what you may not know!

Looking for the best fitness equipment to lose weight fast? Here are 3 of the best machines that burn calories ultra fast!

Choosing comfortable work out gear enables you to perform at the high level. However, comfort is a key factor that you should consider while shopping for your fitness clothing items.

Before I get into the nitty-gritty of my personal opinion of compression, a disclaimer. I am not a medical professional. The opinions that are shared on this post come from research, my own experiences and the experiences of athletes I have personally witnessed and information I have researched.

Do you want to be energetic? Feel fresh? Start Triathlon. Why do you want to do Triathlon training? You should know the reason 1st.

Do your abs exercise in just ten minutes a day with the simple, portable and affordable abs rollers. Abs wheel rollouts are proven to be the most effective, intense and natural abs exercise for your abs.

Thinking about the Nordic track 1750 treadmill? Wondering what's the big deal? Find out what you get - and how the 2014 version differs from past models!

By using the iPhone weight lifting case, users can maximize their workout time and not have to carry extra gear or set aside special time to work out. The compact accessory makes fitting exercise into a busy schedule easy to do.

One of the most important body parts which we have to take care regularly for our daily use is our feet. Although our ancestors used to walk on bare feet, experience taught them to use sheep skin or thick hide of various animals in order for protection from thorns, sharp stones etc. The concept of shoes was born and today in recent times, wearing shoes of the highest brand with various designs has become a fashion.

Have you ever thought about the convenience of having your own training space in the comfort of your home? If time is of the essence and if you have the space perhaps it's something to think about. Below are some suggestions on how to go about getting into the zone at home!

A look at my personal experiences with Heart Rate Monitors, the different types that are available, the principles of these types, and the brands I have tried myself. This is a part of a series of reviews I am doing for my website, more details of which can be found below.

Are you confused by half of the equipment out there today? Do you know what equipment you should be using? Below is some information on different equipment and what they have to offer.

Thinking about the Nordictrack ACT elliptical? This trainer has been around for years - why is it so popular? Here are 3 benefits the ACT crosstrainer gives you that you don't get with other models.

Initially you should try lifting lighter weights and then once you have mastered the art of weight lifting then gradually increase the weights. This will provide ample time for you to exercise without getting hurt. You should focus on getting maximum benefits from limited speed.

A common problem women face is the ugly appearance of fat around the buttocks, hips, and thighs. It's something often referred to as cellulite, and with that comes various proclaimed solutions to annihilate its hideous appearance. All of which costs and sometimes with an extravagant price. A much simpler, and more efficient solution is to switch to exercising using nothing more than a kettlebell.

If you are in the market for a new treadmill, there are many issues to consider before you make your purchase. This ultimate guide will walk you through all the steps to ensure that you get the best treadmill for your needs.

Myofascial pain, also known as MPS or CMP, is a painful syndrome characterized by chronic pain, caused primarily by pressure on specific sensitive points of the face, commonly known as trigger points. Pressure on these points causes not only facial pain, but also in apparently unrelated parts of the body. This kind of pain is known as referred pain.

What else would I start with? There are lots of products on sale to help your training while you are indoors; they all fall into one of these categories: Turbo Trainers, Rollers, and Indoor Trainers. The Wattbike is an indoor trainer, but I have owned all three.

I first bought a Fitbit Ultra back in June, 2012 as part of a fitness initiative in my company. The plan had started in our Wilder, Vermont location, and had quickly become a grass roots effort within our division. The manager there had come up with the idea after purchasing a Fitbit Ultra after his daughter had become a big fan of it living in Chicago, Illinois. He decided to purchase one to see how active or inactive he was with a sedentary job.

Using a treadmill is a great way to start your weight loss program, rehabilitation training and ensuring the general maintenance of your fitness level. Check out our review on the Horizon Adventure 4 treadmill.

Since the CrossFit has turned into one of the more popular trends for individuals looking to amp up their personal physical fitness, some misconceptions too have emerged like the costs involved, age restrictions, unmanageable schedule, whether or not it's something for me etc. but all of that nothing more than myths and here we explain how.

Sitting has been called the 'smoking' of this generation. The ramifications of prolonged sitting range from a measurable decrease in productivity to manifestations of actual disease process.

Thinking about buying a NordicTrack elliptical trainer? Here are 3 things you should know about the market before you go shopping - to ensure you get the most for your money!

Kettlebell workouts are the most effective strength training exercises that also combine the benefits of cardio exercises. The secret lies in the design of kettlebells where the individual's center of gravity is slightly off, thus, encouraging the muscles to work harder to keep the body's balance on an even keel.

Thinking about a center drive elliptical trainer? Are they a good option for you? Discover 3 unique benefits to center drive machines that you don't get with other ellipticals.

Buying an elliptical? It can get confusing with hundreds of options out there! Here are 7 key factors to consider when shopping so you can find the best crosstrainer for you!

Buying an elliptical? You've probably come across the term "stride length" and wondered what it means. Here's what you need to know about elliptical stride length and why it's important to you.

A treadmill is the piece of fitness equipment that people either love or loathe. This gym staple is, however, just a tool - its effectiveness depends on how you use it!

The implementation of various softwares in the health care industry promotes efficiency in the medical industry. Health care automation offers solutions for growth and improvement in the medical processes.

Looking for the easies way to track your fitness goals? This is it! I will tell you about the latest fitness gadgets on the market that are tried and true. This is better than the thigh mater and the infamous shake weight. And won't make you look silly or regret the day you bought it.

When you're looking to add equipment to your home gym a stair climber may be exactly what you are looking for. This piece of equipment will give you a low impact workout that will help tone you and allow you to reach your fitness goals and get you back into shape then will keep you in shape. The stair climber machine will allow you to get the cardio workout easily and get you moving. There are some things that you will want to look for when you are going out to purchase this, to get the most bang for your buck, read over our tips to buy the best one that you can afford.

The reasons one may want to use a treadmill to train for a half marathon can be varied. Maybe the weather isn't cooperating with their training schedule and bad weather is keeping them indoors. Kids can be a factor as it can become very expensive to pay a babysitter every time it is time to train.

Walking or running outdoors is a great way to burn calories and stay fit. However, there are circumstances that can prevent you from doing it. These include weather conditions, allergies, busy schedules and other responsibilities.

Buying a treadmill? Here are 7 things you need to look for when shopping to find the best quality treadmill for your home!

When looking for a treadmill for your home gym you will want to check out some of the most desirable features on the treadmill which will help you reach and achieve your fitness goals. Since you will be on the treadmill quite frequently you will want to purchase the best machine that you can and get the most for your dollars. Here are a few guidelines that you will want to look for so that you can get your best price for the treadmill.

If you are thinking about buying an exercise or stationary bike for your home gym there are some things that you will want to look for so that you get the best bike for your money. If you purchase a bike that isn't well built then you will be less apt to ride it and won't get the workout that you bought the bike for.

Trying to decide between an incline trainer or a treadmill? Here are 3 of the main differences between them that you should know before you decide.

Well, there is good reason why gyms have such large free weight areas, which consist of barbells, dumbbells, and weight benches, and a significant number of weight machines-both methods are useful for gaining muscle tone and strength. To help you decide which to utilize, I will provide the key advantages of each.

You may have seen the use of an elbow band in all walks of life, from those carrying out everyday tasks to those undertaking sports. Sports braces in general have become more visible in recent years as they are designed to work with you as part of your overall recovery plan and allow you to remain active for longer.

Wouldn't it be great if you had a place to work out at home and you didn't have to get dressed and drive to the gym when you wanted to work out? You can build your own home gym at your house and be able to do just that. Once you decide that you want a home gym at your house, and you found a place to set everything up the next decision will be what pieces of equipment do you need to get to start with your new home gym. You can always add pieces to your home gym at a later time, but to get started these are great items to start with.

When you or someone you know is in trouble, to such an extent that medical assistance is needed, it is medical equipment and those who use them which we all rely on. It's no lie that the medical field is one of the most relied upon industries.

Everyone should have a workout plan that they will follow to maintain good health and stay into shape. Exercise is important for not only feeling better about yourself but to also live a much fuller life while being healthy. It's easy to find and make excuses not to work out. If you have your own gym in your home, you will find it easier to work out daily and stick to a routine. Sometimes the hardest part of working out at a gym is driving to it.

Gym memberships are excellent ways to get fit, however not everybody can afford them. Not having a membership to a fitness centre does not have to discourage somebody from exercising and improving their health. People can find satisfactory and genuine alternatives that are affordable also, and help them achieve their fitness goals.

Very few people in this world like to exercise. In fact, they make up the most outrageous excuses not to exercise. But if you tell them that the activity they about to do is fun, easy, and they already know how to do it, you have their attention!

A 3G Cardio AVT Machine will help to strengthen your core, relax your body and improve quality of life. From elite-level athletes to your neighbor, people in all walks of life are enjoying the benefits of vibration training.

There are so many different elliptical trainers out there it can be difficult to make the right choice. Obviously you want to compare prices as well, because an expensive option doesn't necessarily mean you're getting the best trainer out there. Research is the key and in order to make your research effective you can use a step-by-step process to find the best rated elliptical trainer.

The best tip we can give you when you are considering an elliptical trainer buy is to focus on yourself. By now you've probably asked your friends and family if they have an elliptical trainer and whilst you may get lucky with the options they provide, in most cases you will have to do your own research. Here are some purchasing tips when you're looking for the best elliptical trainer buy.

How do you know which treadmills are the best to purchase? Although different people have different needs and wants when looking for a treadmill, you will find that the top treadmills all contain similar features, which set them apart from other models on the market. This article lists the main features found in the top treadmills and covers how these increase the effectiveness of any treadmill workout.

Buying an exercise bike is a fantastic way to help you lose weight and build up your strength and stamina. Having one in your own home lets you train whenever you feel like it with no extra effort needed. You will not need to venture out in the winter months, find someone to mind the kids or have to find the money for gym fees. Exercise bikes have improved a great deal over the years, and if you invest a reasonable amount of money you can get a great bike. However, there are a number of things to consider before buying an exercise bike.

Including an exercise bike in your weekly exercise regime is a great way to keep fit, lose weight and build up your stamina. The exercise bike benefits detailed below are apparent from the moment you start using the bike, and it is an affordable piece of gym equipment that you can easily use at home, no matter what level of fitness and exercise you have.

Technology has influenced all the aspects of our life. Be it work or relationships, no nook or corner has been left untouched. There are dozens of apps to track our day to day movements.

There will be more people flocking to the gym when January comes around. With them will come more dirt, more dust and more sweat. Be ready to keep your facility clean with these tips.

Thinking of buying your first piece of gym equipment? First, here are some tips on what you should know to better help you make a quality, informed purchase.

Buying a recumbent bike? Here are 6 things to look for when you shop to make sure you get the best value for your money!

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